Thursday, 19 March 2015

Year 6 Abstract Wire and Tight Sculptures

Looking at the work of Wassily Kandinsky and Henry Moore the pupils created these abstract sculptures, using tights stretched over wire, placed upon a wooden block. The pupils then painted the sculpture in a few layers of white acrylic before painting their design over the top.


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Year 6 First World War Matchbox Project

This term Year 6 have been looking at 'Viewpoints'. I decided to explore the theme by looking at the different points of view in war. As it is the centenary of the First World War I thought it would be fitting to have an art project where the pupils could research images from the Great War, looking at the conflict from the perspective of the Allies and the Germans.
The pupils were each given a matchbox. They were told to create a miniature sculpture which reflected different viewpoints of the first world war using the exterior and interior of the matchbox. I was really impressed with the pupils creativity in this project.
Outside - Artillery gun, inside - No mans land

Outside - Artillery gun, inside no mans land.
Outside - War grave, inside - First World War Poetry

Outside - the Somme Battlefield after the war, inside- the battlefield during the war

First World War tank

Year 6 Collaborative Wire Leaf Sculptures

This is a project I ran last term on the theme of 'Growth'. The pupils each created a wire leaf sculpture (using a continuous line drawing of a leaf as a basis) before embellishing sections of the leaf with tissue paper and thinner strips of wire.

The pupils were then placed into groups of four or five and had to work together to create a plant with their leaves and a thicker piece of wire on a stand.



Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Year 5 Abstract Collographs

Year 5's theme this term was 'growth'. The pupils started by drawing a series of leaf outlines from life into their sketchbook, rotating the page and overlapping each drawing as they went. They then drew a square in the middle of the drawings and filled in the different shapes with colours. This drawing was then used as the basis for their collograph design. Each pupils was given a cardboard square and had to simplify the drawing they had made in their sketchbook onto the square. The boys then used a variety of different materials to create different patterns and textures. These were then printed using the printing press, using three different colours, starting with yellow (the lightest), first.

The pupils' sketchbook drawing was used as a basis for the collograph.

A collograph design before it went through the printing press.


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Year 6 Illustration Project

The pupils were given an illustration brief in which they were 'commissioned' to create an illustration for either the novel '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' or 'Moby Dick'. Inspired by the work of Eric Carle the pupils painted different patterns using acrylic onto tracing paper before transferring them onto their drawing. 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Year 6 Experimental Watercolour Paintings

 Year 6 were exploring the idea of their environment. Each pupil went outside and collected four different natural items found on the school grounds, ie, feathers, twigs, leaves etc. They then returned to the classroom and using watercolour paint painted the outline of each item in a different colour. Each time they painted a different item they rotated the page 90 degrees and overlapped with the previous shape. The pupils then spent time filling in the different shapes they had created by overlapping.